The few reasons why you need to go for Shopify Plus over Magento Enterprise

The few reasons why you need to go for Shopify Plus over Magento Enterprise

Are you wondering which the best ecommerce platform for large businesses is? Then this is definitely the article for you because today we are going to be taking a look at our favorite platform Shopify Plus and compare it with Magento Enterprise. Even before you go on comparing Shopify Plus and Magneto Enterprise, we already know a lot about them and we know that Shopify is out top choice, however keep on reading so that you can see why we feel that way.

To start off, we are going to talk about something that makes the Shopify platform really popular overall, and that is the design aspect. With Shopify Plus you will have access to some of the most beautiful themes out there that will really give your ecommerce a professional feel, and the best part is that every theme is mobile friendly, which means that your website will look great no matter what kind of device the customer is on. Magento Enterprise’s themes are a lot more complicated and if you want to get a mobile friendly one you will have to fulfil certain requirements such as QA testing and heavy page development.

Then, of course there is the incredibly important question of security. If you have an ecommerce that isn’t secure enough that means that it will be prone to hacking and that your customers’ information won’t be secure, and that isn’t the kind of business that people would want to work with. When you are using Shopify Plus, which is a hosted solution, you will have complete protection from the provider and you won’t have to worry about security or any upgrades of it. However, when comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise we have to say that it is a lot more prone to malware because of the fact that it is an open source solution, and that makes security breaches a constant concern.

Even though Magento Enterprise’s biggest strength has always been its very large community, there are also some downsides in that area as well. When working with this platform you will be able to find extensions, however all of them take a lot work in order to get them to a state where they are up and running, and that is something that will put a lot of added pressure and work on your development team. On the other hand, Shopify Plus also has a large community, but it also has over 1500 apps that were all designed with the intent of minimizing any dependency on developers.

It is never good to make a claim and not be able to support it, however when we say that this Shopify Plus is our top platform for enterprises we definitely mean it, and as you can see by this article, we definitely have some great reasons for that. We hope that you liked taking a look at this article comparing Shopify Plus and Magneto Enterprise and that it helped you see why choosing Shopify over Magento is the way to go.

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