The Official Review and Comparing on Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise for 2019

The Official Review and Comparing on Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise for 2019

Are you trying to find the right platform for your large ecommerce enterprise? Then if you ask us there are only two serious contenders that you need to be looking into when making this decision. Shopify and Magento are two of the biggest names in ecommerce, so it is no surprise that Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise are the top choices for large enterprises. In order to help you figure out which option is the better one for you, today we are going to be comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise, so keep on reading this article until the end.

Customer support

When you are looking at an ecommerce platform one of the most important things that you should look for is customer support. When you have such a big business you need to be sure that there will be someone ready to help you at any time, no matter what kind of problem you encounter. When it comes to customer support, Shopify Plus definitely has the upper hand. You will have access to 24/7 customer support that you can get via live chat, phone or email. On the other hand, when it comes to Magento Enterprise you will only get phone support and that just isn’t enough for most people.


When it comes to the price, the way that Shopify Plus charges you is something that we definitely prefer compared to Magento Enterprise. Shopify will charge you by a quote basis and if you are interested in any more specific details you can just contact the provider and they can adjust that quote to you specific budget and requirements. On the other side when comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise is Magento and here you can choose between two different pricing packages. The price will depend on the store’s average when it comes to orders, and the prices start at $2000 a month, and as you can see that is definitely a large amount of money.


When you are looking for a platform, the popularity of it is definitely something that you should consider before making the choice. As far as popularity goes, we can definitely say that Shopify Plus is more popular and in fact 99% if customers are satisfied of the experience they’ve had with the platform, while Magento Enterprise has 90% when it comes to customers’ experience.

When you look at a comparison like this, it can be easy to say that Shopify Plus looks like the better option. Even though both of these options are excellent, comparing Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise has made us see that Shopify Plus beats Magento by a little bit, and that little bit can make the biggest difference when you have an ecommerce.

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