Why Large Retailers Move from Magento to Shopify Plus

Read this article and discover why large retailers switch from Magento to Shopify Plus? What is the difference between Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise?

When you are running a large ecommerce business, the last thing you want to do is migrating from one ecommerce platform to another. The truth is it is a lot of work and it can seriously harm your sales. On the other side, if you are not satisfied with your current ecommerce solution, you need to do something as you will experience the troubles sooner or later. So. what can you do?

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A lot of people decide to move. If you are currently using Magento and you aren’t satisfied, migrating to Shopify Plus is probably the best thing you can do for your business.

In this article, we will share a few reasons with you about why large retailers move from Magento to Shopify Plus:

  • Magento wasn’t very secure: There are users who have had experienced hacking which compromised their customers’ private information. This can really frustrate your customers. Even though this isn’t entirely Magento’s fault, the site was set up using Magento and that is all that matters. All of the information, data, everything stored on the server can be hacked. Shopify can easily solve this problem by hosting the website entirely. The reality is that everyone gets hacked, including Sony, however, being in a hosted environment can definitely help protect your business from small code intruders. Shopify has a PCI Level 1 Compliance.
  • Magento was crowded with bugs: This is also not an entirely Magento’s fault. Shopify Plus has their own team of programmers that keep you up to date. For example, if they discover a bug, they can easily fix it and your website keeps moving forward without relying on a developer. Every update from the Magento platform can cost you a few hours of developer time at a rate of $150 an hour. This sometimes complicates things and it is not fun if you have thousands of things to do.
  • It cost too much to maintain a website: If you decide to use the Magento platform, you can expect to spend a few thousands of dollars every month. The worst part is that you aren’t paying that money for improving the site or changing something. You are paying the money for fixing bugs that eventually can create more bugs. The cycle never stops and sooner or later you will become frustrated with the website experience. Shopify can easily solve this by keeping different functionalities within the hosted ecommerce solution. You still have to worry about the website through HTML and CSS. Even on Shopify, your website is as good as the codes that went into the site.
  • The apps aren’t exactly plug and play: If you analyze you will discover that the apps on Magento aren’t plug and play. With Shopify, you may run into applications that require a developer.
  • Magento is not marketer friendly: There are a few things marketers want to add or change and they aren’t able to do it. Shopify is a more flexible platform, from a marketer point of view.

Hopefully, this guide will give you a quick view of what to alternatives to magento enterprise and making the switch from one platform to another. If you have the right team by your side and you know exactly what you need to do, we assure you it will be a very easy and smooth transition.

If you have already done the transition, please share your experience in the comments below.

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